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giving credit

another lesson in life: when credit is due, GIVE IT!
i work with a guy that likes to take your ideas and present them as his own. it's very frustrating having to work with people like that.
Example: the guy i work with tried to get his computer to work after giving it his feeble attempt to fix it and FAILED (might i add) and he asked me to call Dell. granted, im the "Dell go to guy" but i wasn't about to take his word for it. i decided to test it out for myself. that was when i realized, i had magic hands. funny, it works when i use it. the problem he had was there was no external display when connected to a monitor but somehow it worked when i did it. he literally wrestled with the damn thing and nothing wanted to work. he went and told my boss that it crapped out. five minutes with me, it worked perfectly fine. i gave it back to him and this is how the convo with my boss went when he went to tell him. "o, everything works now."

second incident happened just this past saturday. we're working in the data closet and i found an anti fatigue mat (a mat that relieves stress on your feet...it's gel filled so it's soft) and i said "let's roll it out so we can use it since we'll be standing here for HOURS." "ok, good idea!" he says. boss comes around, "o wow guys, you found the mat." bastard says "yeah, i thought to roll it out since we'll be standing here for hours, we might as well put it to use." yeah, my boss didn't know this but those were my EXACTLY FUCKING WORDS. granted, that wasn't really a job related case but still. you just don't do that. i don't know if it's deliberate but it's damn irritating.

i was talking to Nek and Elle about how if a friend or someone you care about has a flaw, you should talk to them about it and let them know because when you stop telling that person about their flaws it signals that you no longer care about that person. let me keep it simple. i stopped telling this person a long ass time ago about his flaws. nuff said.

had a long conversation with my coworker takashi on friday regarding work. it seems that im falling into the "who gives a fuck about this job, im just here to get shit done and get my paycheck" category. i used to feel good about my job, i used to look forward to working...i mean, not that i really don't anymore but people are just bogging me down. taking credit for MY work, blaming me for things that's not my fault, people bossing me around. i swear, everything's just misplaced.
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Flashlights - Weapons of Retina Destruction

strange how i never posted about flashlights before... who cares....here's an entry about it!
last night, i was watching season 19 of The Simpsons on my laptop and i hear a lot of activity going on outside my house. i heard a lot of police loud speaker thinger-ma-bops (i had my window open). so, i went to the living room to get a better view and to my surprise, i saw three police cars. they pulled over some car and was question the driver (it seems). instead of wondering why they pulled the car over, i said to myself "wow, they've got some pretty weak lights" LOL! one of the cops walked near my garage and my motion sensor lights came on and it pretty much flooded the area with lumen goodness. basically, it put all their "lights" to shame. i think it's safe to say, i can grab any flashlight in my room whether it be one of my tactical military lights or my generic lights, it'll STILL be brighter than anything the cops are packing. I'd love to have a cop point a flashlight in my eyes. "Is that the best you've got?" or "That's it?" or "and this is supposed to....i guess...disorientate me...i think..?" OR "TURN THAT CANDLE OFF!" or (last one, i promise) "you call THAT a light? i don't know what they've been telling you down at the precinct but you've been grossly mis-informed about those flashlights." it seriously makes me wonder why cops don't carry something brighter. I'm not a cop and I'm typically packing something that's at least 2 times brighter than what they carry and might i add it has a much better build quality.

I recently purchased a "new" light. ok, it's new but i put it in quotes because i already have one of those. here's the light: https://www.4sevens.com/product_info.php?cPath=22_69_70&products_id=409

i purchased a combo kit which turns that light into a light that uses 3 batteries instead of 2 which makes it into a more tactical version (you know, good for bashing people in the brainssss) https://www.4sevens.com/product_info.php?cPath=27&products_id=442

the next light i will be purchasing will also be one that i already own which is currently my favorite. http://kit-tronics.com/xcart/product.php?productid=3293&cat=174&page=1
the pic of me on facebook with the two lights pointed at the ground is made possible with those two flashlights i mentioned. the reason why im buying the Tiablo A9 again is for the "Orange Peel" reflector which instead of throwing the light for range, it gives a more even spread for close range illumination which is very useful for night hikes. so, basically, i'll have two lights, one for throw and one for close range use (LOL! which is pretty much none of my lights since they're all night vision annihilators!)

planning on getting a set of night vision goggles...my neighborhood is kinda iffy ATM.
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oh grow up! (insert string of cusswords here)

when i was a kid, i learned a very valuable lesson in life and that is: if you don't know something, you can always say "i don't know," no one will ever expect you to know everything because that's absurd. first off, pretending to know something that you don't will one, make you look like a fool. two, you will lose respect from your colleagues and friends and whoever else...possibly your S.O...unless they do it too.

oh, another lesson to be learned is: don't blame others for your own mistakes. whether it be directly or indirectly because people will catch it and they will not be happy.

One thing that's been on my chest is i had a friend ask me a while back "why do all the assholes get the girls?" I never got an answer to that question but that friend became an asshole and got a girl....so, maybe somehow there's a correlation. oh, and no, in case you're wondering, you can't become an asshole, get a girl and then stop being an asshole. it doesn't work that way. at least not with him.

yeah, i wrote this to vent and yes, those reasons above, they're about that friend which is soon gonna become "friend" if this kind of behavior keeps up.

I think I'm being too much of a sponge, too nice to some people, people who clearly do not deserve it.
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weekend, rides, yard.

I haven't been hanging out with people much lately, I think it's mainly due to the fact that i want to get my yard fixed up and that i want to ride my bike more. I have been working on getting rid of all the grass in my backyard and replacing it with bricks and pebbles for a cleaner look. the grass in my yard is just too time consuming to take care of. Not to mention, my yard for some reason has a lot of spiders hiding in it. everytime i go out there to water the yard, a whole bunch of spiders emerge from the grass. the spiders look REALLY strange too. they have yellow triangular bodies and they have 6 legs... they resemble Daddy Long Legs. anyways, the Estimated time to completion of my project is the end of this month. I am trying to get it done before the rainy season comes. If i'm not out biking, then im in my yard hacking away at the grass.

I went out for some riding today and i would have to say that most of the ride was pretty good. the weather was definitely not good, all overcast and a tad chilly. i changed my ride route a bit and have been taking the great highway over to skyline blvd. on skyline blvd there is a turn off to lake merced, that is usually where i make my turn to enter lake merced and ride to Westlake mall. when i entered the turn lane, this black volvo cuts out from behind me and cuts me off from the right side.... now, we all know that a SOLID white line means you can't cut in OR out of it. she on the other hand thinks she's exempt from the law and cuts out and THEN BACK IN the lane JUST to get in front of me...just so she can be first at the light. ok, whatever, you're stupid. wow, you're so fast....n...no, you're not. don't forget that bikers require FAR less space to cut lanes and between cars. i didn't feel like waiting for the light, and the roadie in me said "are you gonna let her cut you off like that?" so, i went around her car, got in front of her and blew past the red light and made my turn. i was probably 2 miles down the road before i saw the volvo come by. im not saying it was a victory but im just sick of drivers thinking they can ignore bikers.

Because i know the problem i have with distance rides and because of the one incident where someone made an attempt to do something bad to me while i was cramped up and walking my bike, i've decided to carry my knife with me on my rides. i didn't want it to come to this but desperate times call for desperate measures. i mean, the extra weight is worth the safety of me and my bike. i've also discovered a new "weapon" to carry which serves two purposes. I'm talking about a C02 inflater for my tires. if i get a flat tire, i can pump it up uber fast with the C02 cartridge. If i happen to come across an assailant, i can turn the cartridge upside down and spray him in the face. trust me, that stuff HURTS. I use it to freeze spiders and other insects to death. im sure if i spray someone in the face, they'll back off. I can also throw the emptied cartridge at them...it weighs in at nearly a pound. mwhahahaha! no, i don't condone violence but i rather walk away from a fight rather than be carried away on a stretcher.
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MPU Hazards

what's an MPU? An MPU is a Multi-Use Pathway, one that is used for bikes, runners, walkers, skaters, etc. As all your SF ppl know, Lake Merced has an MPU. The first week after i moved over to Daly City, i went for a ride at Lake Merced and i got into my first head-on collision with another biker. what happened was, another biker was biking on the wrong side of the path (she was on incoming lane) ok, granted there are no signs or lines on the ground that states which side of oncoming or which side is going but it's implied in our society that when you're on the left you're coming and when you're on the right, you're going. a lot of ppl do not realize or follow this and it's irritating.

Another thing about MPU's is that ppl are inconsiderate, ESPECIALLY when in groups. 3 or 4 ppl just spread out across the entire span of the walkway blocking all traffic on the path is just unacceptable. i saw "excuse me" and they just keep walking as if they don't hear me. so, i tap my brakes rapidly so it makes a tapping noise. they kinda flinch (obviously indicating they hear me but are too much of an asshole to move). so, what i do is, the second i get the chance to pass, i pass them as fast as i can and as closely to them as possible. i dunno how much good that does.

Yesterday, i drove to the Richmond and parked my car and then rode my bike over to Sausalito. I was looking forward to riding on the Golden Gate Bridge since i haven't rode across it in well over a year.

Problems started shortly after i left Vista Point. So, im riding up a steep path which leads up to entrance of the bridge for bikers and as usual, there are a BUNCH of tourists camped out there RIGHT at the entrance. the entrance is a very tight opening and what's worst is that it's a two way path so, i have to avoid the oncoming traffic and the tourists. So, im riding along on the bridge and there are TONS of bikers both pro-looking and the not so pro looking riders. I judge riders by the way they dress. typically, those who have the fancy bikes and those who are wearing the pro team kits are considered the better riders. The "pro" riders have better riding etiquette, control, and are more courteous. When a not-so-pro rider passes you, they will NEVER say "on your left" when they SHOULD because it's really unsafe to pass another biker without letting them know you're there. of course, im expecting some of you to say "if you're so pro, why are you getting passed by the not so pro? well, Pro or not pro, we all have our bad days in the saddle, we're not always going to be traveling at our top speed or pedaling at our optimal 85 - 95 RPM. with that said, i witnessed a really weird "crash" on the bridge which occurred less than 5 feet ahead of me. I'm pedaling along this not so pro rider and so far, he's riding....not so pro, lol. ok, i sound like a cocky bastard now. we rode around one of the giant pillars which i must say is very tough to do because of the extreme wind conditions. as we approach the pillar, he slows down to like a mph (BIG MISTAKE) and proceeds to do a sharp left turn (FAILED). having failed his "turn" he takes his right foot off the pedal to keep himself balanced. while he does all this im forced to unclip to avoid crashing into him thanks to his sudden slow down and dismounting. finally the guy gets back on his bike AFTER the pillar and i get back on mine. it doesn't end there, so, he's back on the bike and we're basically in the clear now. we've cleared the pillar and we're back on the straight away where the guy crashes?! ok, i could understand crashing at the pillar because it's really common there due to the high winds but on a straight away....with nothing in your way...it just doesn't make any sense. i ended up having to dodge the guy along with the oncoming "pro" traffic. i think i handled it well. i stayed very calm.

Still on the bridge and now im passing up tons of riders. i probably said "on your left" like 36 times while on the bridge. every chance i got, i passed up riders. "on your left!" and then cut in between a group of slow riders. what was my hurry? i wasn't in a hurry but i wanted to get off the bridge asap because i was getting annoyed with the tourists. they just love to take pictures which is fine. but at least park your bikes where it doesn't block everyone.

On my way back, im held up behind two kids and im guessing this person is their father who doesn't want to let me pass him. again, i got annoyed, so, i forced my way in. the second i get a tad bit of space "ON YOUR LEFT!" i can tell the guy was trying hard to stay in the middle of the entire lane to block me, possibly to protect his kids? Im the one that needs protecting cuz kids on bikes are the most unpredictable thing you can come across on the bridge or anywhere else for that matter. if anything I WAS TAKING THE BIGGEST RISK.

At the end of the bridge is the same path that i entered through and again, there was traffic and yes, it was tourists. even tourists should be able to tell that they're in the way of EVERYONE when they have three bikes just chilling there at the chokepoint and there's a horde of ppl waiting for them to move! nope, apparently, these guys somehow think they're neutral... one of them turned around and saw me standing there and he just looked at me like he's never seen an Asian dude before. him and his wife or cousin or sister or whoever the hell the other two idiots he was with were in the way. this time, i said something. "wow, i didn't know you guys own this path cuz you're camped out here like you own it!" they just stared at me and i said "idiots!" and i walked my bike around them and rode off. seriously, that's not cool! one bike being there is bad but THREE is just out of hand.

I'm going to make an appointment to go get fitted on my bike. Yesterday's ride left me with something to desire. i want to ride more than 20 miles without having cramps. i want to see what's beyond the "Welcome to Corta Madera" sign. I want to ride from here to San Jose and back. I have all the energy to do it, i just don't have the legs to take me there yet but that time is coming, i know it. the first ride I will do after the fit will be the SJ ride.
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i finally decided to quite being lazy and post here

it's been a few months since my last post but that's really because nothing THAT interesting has happened....except for me going to China for a friend's wedding. it was my first time going to China and i gotta say...it was pretty much everything i expected with the exception of the hotel we stayed at. The hotel was nice and pretty cheap. my only gripe was that the water boiler was kinda dirty on the inside where the actual heating element is. I asked for a new one TWICE and still was not able to get it replaced. the second time i asked, they just said they would send someone up. when that someone arrived, they showed me how to turn the thing on (as if i had no idea) and i told them it's dirty but they didn't understand me. i recall them saying something about sending someone up to "help" me but never did. lol.

The wedding itself felt kinda rushed. well, mainly because it was. the drivers were late and there was heavy traffic on the way to the Bride's home and to the Cathedral. we were running about 45 minutes behind and it didn't help that one of the drivers (the main coordinator) was MIA for the first 30 minutes. The bride sounded pissed over the walkie talkie. yeah, we all the groomsmen had walkie talkies since at least one groomsman was to be on each of the vehicles. but i must say, it's kind of useless when you lose your walkie not once, but TWICE and then a third time which if i recall correctly was never recovered. but that's just my two cents. lol.

after the wedding, we went to the reception and it was like a ZOO. well, at least during the buffet it was like a zoo. more about that later tho. the reception itself was nice. even in China i had to be an IT guy. The people that work there had a projector "setup" for us. we hit a few snags while trying to get the projector and sound system running. the sound system had this really annoying hum whenever the audio cable was plugged in to the laptop and the projector just didn't work the way it should because the connector for the laptop was completely the opposite of what was needed. but all that was eventually solved after an hour of troubleshooting.

When they announced it was time for dinner and that it was a buffet...i think i pretty much summed it when i say "ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE." yeah, ppl rushed to the buffet and grabbed what they could and get this, they even took the tongs that were supposed to be left at each station WITH THEM so they wouldn't have to wait for the next tong at the next station to be freed up! it was utter chaos. after i finally fought the hoards and hoards of ppl and got my food, i returned to my table and barely had an appetite. I hadn't eaten since 8:30am that morning and it was roughly 7:30pm when dinner started. that's 11 hours. btw, it was big mistake for me to wear my sport coat into the buffet area because i was constant nudged by ppl with dinner plates. im just surprised no one tried to knife or fork me. i wasn't packing that day either, no light (that's right! i didn't have my light on me) and no knife. all i could have done if i were to get attacked was dinner plate my assailant LOL. anyways, i can't say dinner was good...well, because i didn't really eat.

more about China in the next entry...whenever i decide to type that baby up.
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totally kicked ass - green tea with honey....mmmmmmmmmm

i just realized i got A LOT of stuff done today at work despite my constant headache. i arrived to work at 7:57am and just took out the coffee muffin and placed it on a "Solo" brand paper plate. i had my hot cup of green tea with honey and was ready to chow down when suddenly, one of our users popped into my office. he said "my computer got hit by a virus. i clicked on a link in my email for a survey and my computer rebooted." i knew it was gonna be a long morning. we went back to his desk and i checked out the comp. yep, not worth trying to fix it. the antivirus program we use caught the virus but could not do anything to it. i told the guy to back up all his stuff so i can re-image (format and reinstall everything) his machine. i took his machine back to my office and that was when shit hit the fan....

i had users coming to me, emailing me, calling me with all sorts of issues. surprisingly enough though, i handled all of them without any problems. i resolved all the issues i could immediately deal with. i even handled an over the phone user without any problems. i was impressed with myself. normally, im horrible with over the phone support but today was different. get this, the user calls me and tells me right away "Hi Frank, my computer isn't working, i can't get emails..." my first response is "have you tried rebooting?" "yes, i have, several times." so, i go "can you open up outlook for me?" "no, my touchpad doesn'twork....so, i can't get to outlook" so, i go "well, do you have a mouse you can plug in?" "yes, i do" "go ahead and plug that in for me" "does it require software?" "no, windows will take care of all that" *goes and plugs it in all the while murmmering some crap about needing software* "it's working now!" "ok, good, so, go ahead and open up outlook for me..." *cuts me off* "i can get to my email now!" uhhhh..........OKAY! wtf....email was never busted to begin with...she just failed to mention that she couldn't get to email cuz she had no mouse.... but she just had to tell me that her email wasn't working. LOL!

it appears my coughs have died down quite a bit. hopefully i'll be able to sleep tonight. i can't wait to get back on my bike. it's been a week since i've done that. i gotta take advantage of this excellent weather!

lalalalalalala i got a bunch of new toys coming in this week!!!!!!!!! show and tell soon!!!!
o yeah, a few toys have already arrived. such as my new computer chair, a usb thing that locks my computer when i walk more than 2 meters from it, pen refills....not really anything special lol, my new bike light (which i think might be defective...so now i gotta send that baby in) and a can of yummy tangerine flavored cough drops...mmmmmm

i need me an air purifier...i think it'll help me in the long run.

-hooked on green tea with honey...mmmmmm

something good happened this week too....
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sick, house, network, buying stuff,

it's been a while since i've posted blah, blah, blah. WHAT OF IT?!!? read on PUNKS!

been sick for the last two weeks, REALLY, REALLY SICK. i haven't slept well in the last 4 nights. i've been up coughing and coughing incredibly hard. i cough so much and so hard that my throat gets sore. in fact, my throat is so sore that when i burp, it hurts A LOT. the weather's been wonderful and i haven't been able to take advantage of it at all which really sucks. i hope i get better soon. and THAT is why i haven't been posting :) just nod your head and pretend it all works out and continue reading......

I've finally finished setting up the network over at the new house. I'm almost certain that my house is the only house on the entire block that has a home network that's based on Shielded CAT6 and that has the cables ran into the walls and has wall plates for plugging in computers and such. it was a totally awesome project that i accomplished. i can't wait to try it out (can't try it now since i have no dsl over there.) i just hope the power cables do not cause interference with my network. i've planned my network as carefully as i could by using shielded CAT6 cables instead of standard CAT6. there's a network jack in every bedroom and three jacks in the living room. I have the main switch and patch panel in the room behind my garage.

I've been cleaning my stuff in preparation for the move in early march. I've thrown away a lot of stuff already and i really don't have too much more to toss except for the audio and video cassettes (they're ancient, i know.) I've been buying a lot of stuff for my future room. i bought two Belkin PureAV line conditioners at an insanely low price of 45 dollars each! regular price for those is 199 dollars! i should have bought a few more. I've been looking into buying a few powertools since i know im going to be needing it after i move in, esp because im buying quite a few pieces of furniture not just for my room but for the entire house as well. I got a few things around the new place that i'd like to fix such as that blasted backyard door!

I'm going to be working on building two LED light strips for the garage. the light strip will act like the runway lights you see at the airport, ones that guild the plane on where to land. LOL! but mine will guide, DUH?!, the car!

I'm pretty sure i'll be throwing a house party a few months after the move and most likely it's gonna be a bbq in my backyard. im hoping the weather will be nice. btw, it's going to be at night time. i dunno how well that'll work out since Daly City just attracts fog like me to lights and bikes.

oh yeah, i or i should say WE (the three of us) canceled our climbing membership. sad (not really) but true. we just weren't going enough and none of us could foresee the path ahead at the time we signed up.
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new sport

i recently took up indoor rock climbing and i gotta tell you, it's addictive! im not so big on the actual wall climbs where a rope and harness is required. im more interested in "bouldering." bouldering is when you do a free climb or "scale" a much smaller section of a wall and try to reach the top. bouldering i feel is a far more intensive workout than climbing the wall because bouldering requires upper body strength where as the wall climb calls on your legs more. we all know i have the legs but i certainly do not have the upper body strength. so, why do i like bouldering so much more? because it can help me build the upper body i want. bouldering will sometimes have you hanging upside down (overhangs) and have you work your way back up to the top. yeah, the wall climb does offer overhangs but it's just not as steep. i've completed only two of the bouldering climbs where overhangs is the start. it's difficult. but i am definitely getting better at it. the wall climbs freak me out sometimes due to the height. but i have completed some of the highest climbs the gym has to offer. and no, the height or length of the climb has nothing to do with the difficulty.

i recently met some new people who are pretty active. well, these are also the people i go climbing with. the three of us are planning to run the bay to breakers next year in may. we have roughly 6 months to prepare. i think i am okay at this point because my run time is pretty much where i want it to be. i can run 7.7 MPH. and considering the Bay to Breakers is only 7.46 i would say im at a comfortable spot. but i have a goal not only to get my name in the paper (first ten thousand finishers get their name in the paper) but to finish within the 5000 mark. checking times from the previous year, it looks like i gotta finish the run within 1 hour and 12 minutes. and judging by my time, i should be able to do it in UNDER an hour. and yes, im taking the hills of the actual run into consideration. i also have a plan. the last 400 meters (yes, you read correctly, FOUR HUNDRED METERS aka 1/4th mile. i will SPRINT it all the way to the finish line. let me tell you, you all probably think i'll be burned out by the end of the 7 miles BUT as a runner i know that after running for such a long distance and at such a monotonous speed your legs CRAVE to move fast. try running 2 miles and then try sprinting at the end of those 2 miles and tell me how it feels. your legs feel like they have a mind of it's own. they feel lite.

i've been pretty hardcore with my BTB training. after work, i would get off Bart and walk home as i usually do but now i walk up the steepest hills i can find while on the way home. one of the steeper hills i encounter is so steep that it has stairs along the side, so, i run up the stairs to build power in quads which is helpful for the sprints. at night before bedtime, i do 50 to 100 single leg pushups and 200 tummy cruches. in the morning before eating breakfast, i do 20 pushups and a couple stretches. i've been biking more lately and doing my hill training. it's definitely making a difference. my quads are starting to look like how they used to during my peak performance. i can crank up a lot of the hills i used to have trouble with but now i can not only ride up those hills, i can actually attack on them (accelerate). i've been eating much healthier. laying off the sugars (cept when i ride cuz sugar during intense exercise is a must) laying off the instant ramen, the chips, the sodas and pretty much whatever is unhealthy. i should probably step up the fruits and vegtables. in fact, i think i'll be going to fresh choice for lunch today.

i've been exercising non-stop. monday i went climbing, tuesday i went running, wednesday i went biking. i haven't given my body time to really rest yet, i don't feel tired from it all, in fact, i want MORE! i love the sweet agony of sore, burning muscles. it makes me feel like i've actually gotten a workout! this weekend i'll be climbing again and sunday i'll be riding in the hills. a friend of mine wants to take pics of me while i ride. i requested for a motion blur shot of me (the subject is in focus and everything else is blurry.) i hope he can hit that capture button fast enough. :)

I would definitely go climbing tonight if it weren't for my cousin's birthday dinner....but oh well, i guess my body does need time to rest believe it or not.

o, and im going to start taking glucosamine chondrotin because all this exercising cannot be good for my joints.
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