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I guess it's human nature to be selfish. People don't seem to take into consideration what you've done for them when it's you that needs a favor in return. Fine, I can accept that but at the VERY least, let me know that you have no intent to help me whatsoever so I can move on and find help elsewhere. Unfortunately, there are some people that are just THAT selfish. So, selfish that they refuse to help you and keep you in the dark as well. Granted, I may have been the one that triggered this response, but I think these people are over-reacting to a more complicated matter than they are completely aware of. A minor setback.

Speaking of selfish...
Tonight, as I was driving down my block, I saw someone enter their car and it looked like they were about to leave so, I signaled indicating that I wanted his parking space. The guy just sits there doing something but doesn't acknowledge that I'm there. So, I'm waiting for him to leave and he just doesn't. I thought to myself "I guess he's not leaving." I drive around the block to see if there were any other spaces. Nope. So, I'm now back to the very same place I was and the guy is still sitting in his car, engine off. I decided to just park in my driveway (I didn't want to park in the driveway because my sister needs to park her car in the garage). Right after I pulled into my driveway and turned off my engine, the asshole starts his engine and drives off... I've said it before and I'll say it again, Daly City's got some of the worst drivers I've ever encountered. I'm not just talking about them driving slow, not signaling for anything, slow reactions, etc. Daly City drivers lack driving etiquette. The street across from my house can comfortably park 6 cars but for some reason, 4 cars have managed to occupy that entire space (there's like 1/3 of a car space in between each car...WTF?)

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