halocon (halocon) wrote,

Japan Part 4

Tomorrow will be my the last day i get to spend time in Tokyo before i leave at 5am on Sunday morning. I don't have much planned for tomorrow except to buy stuff people requested and to eat at Ichiran one last time. I have plans to return to Tokyo next April, right when the Cherry Blossom Festival occurs. The percentage of my return is quite high because i already have two people who want to come back at that time.

Part of me is dreading having to return to the States but another part of me really wants to come back. I miss riding my bike a lot (it's been 3 weeks since the last time i rode.) that's about it LOL. I'm going to miss a lot of stuff about Tokyo namely, the food, the women, the transit system, the fact that i don't have to think about anything and just have fun. I had some really good sushi at a sushi boat place last night. I had 13 plates and a beer...it was awesome. i walked out of the place with my face completely red and no one even cared (it's such a common thing here :) i normally dont eat any sashimi, only rolls but i just had to try it here and it's really good. maybe my eating habits will be different when i return to the States.

i'm figuring that i'll have withdrawal issues for the first week or so after my return, i have no clue how im going to deal with it either, i guess i just will. I can honestly say that i've never been to a place where i didn't want to leave until coming to Tokyo. I don't even know how to begin to describe how i feel about this place, it's just so nice!

I've got GIGS upon GIGS of pictures to show you guys when i return! stay tuned...

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