halocon (halocon) wrote,

Japan Part 3

my original post was going to be yet, another rant but if you aren't tired of it, i am. so, i decided to change it up a bit. I just want to say that im glad i have such good friends to chat with even while im so far from home. This trip has been somewhat hard for me (funny as it sounds.) I guess this trip didn't turn out to be exactly what i wanted. I still cant say for sure what i want/wanted but i know for sure this isn't it. I'm starting to miss home now esp. since i see a bunch of bikers everywhere, and tho they're not on high end bikes like mine, it's the thought of biking that gets me. btw, when i was on the tour of Mount Fuji, the tour guide mentioned that a lot of riders go there to train for the race. i figured one day i'd like to fly my bike out there and ride mount fuji, at least to the fifth stage (halfway) up the mountain.
back to my point about what i wanted out of this trip... i left the States with the intention of being someone else in a foreign land. i was tired of being me and i wanted some way to escape. unfortunately, that didn't happen and it even seemed to have backfired. anyways, it's late.

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