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Japan: Part 2

Went to the Himeji Castle today and spent about 3 hours taking pictures of it. The weather was nice...that's it. highlight of my day was i saw this really hot girl outside of the Castle as we were leaving. O, and i saw a really down to earth looking girl right by Kyoto Tower...in fact, i thought she was so good looking, i think my heart skipped a beat and i at the same time forgot to breathe lol.
I have got to be more careful with my choice of travel buddies in the future. There are some people who are cool to hang out with and then there are those who are cool to travel with. the thing with that is, just cuz they're cool to hang with doesn't necessarily make them good to travel with (short trips maybe.) i guess you tend to find things out about people when you spend enough time around them.
I'm traveling with a friend i hang out with regularly (no, he doesn't know that my blog exists) and it's honestly become a real pain. it's even more of a pain now that the other two friends have flown off to another part of the country. The friend im currently traveling with complains a whole damn lot and it varies from the weather being too hot to his feet are hurting. so, according to him, anything less than 70 degrees is cold to him and 75 is too warm for him... i think he needs to live in a bubble where the temperature is controlled. He complains about his feet hurting and i really care nothing for it because he brought it upon himself. i mentioned that i was purchasing new shoes for the trip mainly because all the rest of my shoes have next to nothing padding. the guy says "i'm going to buy new shoes" but never does it and says his current shoes will do fine (Converse Chuck Taylor...not exactly the kinda shoes one would wear for a two week long trip. the padding on those shoes suck and they generally dont feel good after 3 hours.) so, for the last 8 days, he's been complaining about his feet hurting. what makes it worst is, he slows down from his otherwise already slow pace which ends up slowing everyone down cuz we have to wait for him.
so, every night we're looking for a place to have dinner and so far we've had a pretty hard time looking for a restaurant that has english menus. the thing is, who cares. just walk in to any damn restaurant regardless of an english menu or not and just order using the pictures OR ask for an english menu. we figured that out tonight... my travel buddy loves to pick out places that charge 30+ dollars for dinner and i've already mentioned that i don't want to fork up more than 20 for dinner cuz i don't grow money. we splurged one night on a 30+ per person meal already but that's okay cuz we all agreed to splurge on one meal. when he picks a place to eat and i don't agree to it, you can tell he gets upset. and for some strange reason, he seems to have something against ramen (i think.)
One night, the four of us went looking for a place to have dinner and we stumbled upon a place that specializes in Katsu dishes and one of us said "the portions look bite sized" and i said "im not a fan of katsu" so, we kept walking around to look for other places to eat. 5 restaurants or so later, we stumbled upon another katsu place and the portions looked better but i still wasnt thrilled but it was a place to eat and everyone was hungry so, whatever. food is food. The katsu actually ended up being pretty fucking good LOL. i was thoroughly impressed. i think im not a fan of katsu previously because the katsu i've had in the States kinda sucked A LOT. i think what made the katsu i had that night good was it was made with minced Kurobuta and then battered up and fried to a golden, brown crisp LOL!
anyways, i can't say that all's been bad this trip despite certain events, if anything, this trip has opened my eyes.
when i return to the States, im going to really brush up on my Japanese and i'm contemplating on taking a Japanese night class at CCSF during Fall. I will definitely return to Japan either this Winter or in February and if not then, it'll be sometime during 2010.

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