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I'm currently writing this entry in Kyoto, Japan and i must say, im not liking Kyoto very much. After spending the last 5 days in Tokyo, Kyoto is really, really dull. Tokyo is really fast paced with bright lights, hot women, great food, lots of people and lots of shopping. Kyoto is more....temples, shrines, minus everything that Tokyo has. Maybe it's not, maybe it's because i haven't explored it enough but from what i've seen so far, im not at all impressed by anything. In fact, im so UNimpressed that i didn't even bother to take my camera out for pictures. I've been in Kyoto since 2pm today, and all i've been feeling is this strange lethargy and sleepiness. I slept on the way to Kyoto while on the Shinkansen bullet train for 3 hours, i slept on the subway we took after getting off the bullet train. Next time i come to Japan, and yes, there hella will be a next time, im not even going to TOUCH Kyoto. We should have started off with Kyoto and THEN go to Tokyo (end things with a super high note.)
I love Tokyo. I realized how much i loved it during the second day of our trip. I think i can fit in to Tokyo without much problems, despite the language "barrier." I finally had the chance to go to the Ramen place Ken kept raving to me about. I don't blame the guy for raving.. they have damn good noodles there! i've been there twice now and i plan to go back again the day before i leave. the last time i was there, i ordered two bowls from the vending machine before being seated. The waitress had to personally come and verify with me that i had ordered two and that i didn't make a mistake (waitress was hot btw, LOL. not Shibuya girl hot but down to Earth, i can bring her home to mother, kinda hot.)
Surprisingly, I'm not thrilled anymore over this trip, in fact, im pretty damn depressed and i've been "coping" with it in the worst manner possible. I've been drinking myself to sleep for the past 3 nights since before leaving Tokyo for Kyoto and im continuing this tonight as well. Why am i depressed? I don't want to go back to the States. simple as that. I dread that place even tho that's where home is. I don't feel like i even belong there, people there are rude, loud, and i tend to run into a lot of stupid people and stupid drivers. Here in Tokyo, things are different. People are insanely polite, they're not loud, the women are GORGEOUS, shops and restaurants are open late, the food is awesome and the streets are safe even in the wee hours of the night. Of course, this is all pretty superficial stuff but i just can't help the way i feel. I don't really miss the States, except for the biking portion. I can certainly bike here but oddly it doesn't seem as nice.
I've been drinking myself to sleep because i find myself staying up just thinking about having to return to the States, going back to work, dealing with just general everyday crap.
I've been contemplating over living here for half a year to a year to see things go for me. I've been reading the paper about how Japan's economy has been and it's really not looking too good. The crime rate is skyrocketing and people are losing jobs. realistically, it's not a good time to get adventurous. I have a good job, one that i like back home, might i add. However, we do have a Japan office and i was thinking about asking my boss to consider letting me be stationed there for a few months (tho, i highly doubt there's even a remote possibility.) so, really, my so called "plan" is nowhere near any kind of fruition. tho, im also not a few steps back. Maybe im just trying to find comfort for myself. Ken mentioned the possibility of me teaching english here, maybe i can look into that...
I've actually got a LOT more i want to say but im losing my train of thought since im trying to fight the urge to sleep.... I know im supposed to be enjoying my vacation but this just isn't working out very well for me.

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