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bike lights

i never thought i would EVER sell any of my bike lights but it's come to the point with one of my lights that i've become fed up with it. i bought one of those Niterider Trinewt bike lights last year and i've used it maybe 5 times if not less. i love night rides because it takes away from the monotony of riding on the SAME route every week. the Trinewt is well designed, it's got three P4 emitters and puts out about 500 lumens for 3.5 hours which is way more than enough runtime for the rides i do. the major flaw with this light is the battery. this light runs on a rechargeable lithium ion pack and it's really, REALLY flaky. sometimes, it will charge. sometimes, it will not. sometimes, it will charge and then lose its charge in a few hours. it's really frustrating.

I tried to do a ride last night and right before leaving the house, i wanted to make sure the light would come on. i hit the power button and the light flashes once. the battery died...AGAIN. i've sent this back to niterider once already and the same thing is happening again. i think once i get it back from RMA, im going to sell it. it's a good light but the battery's just not doing it for me. i will use the money to buy a new light, one that's brighter and has no visible wires, it's also much lighter :)

luckily, i had a backup light (knowing me, of course i would have several backups) i ran my Dinotte 5w luxeon which runs on 4 AA batteries (reliable but not much juice). i think i had it on high for about 30 mins before it bugged me that the voltage was dropping. i finished my 22 mile ride nonetheless...just that i couldn't see too much which made things...interesting. the good thing about this light is the flash mode, when the flash mode is activated...EVERYONE knows you're there, pedestrians, cars, bikes, runners they WILL notice you. If this light didn't have a pause after 5 flashes, someone could drop into an epileptic seizure LOL!

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