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getting in shape

i want to be a shape OTHER than round, therefore, im stepping up the exercise. believe it or not, i can get fat and i can be out of shape even tho you've never seen me that way. Regardless of me gaining weight and getting out of shape, i've always wanted to get back into the sports i used to do...sports like running and basketball. Running is second to biking right now. i actually have an exercise plan now. I bike on tuesday, thursday and sunday, run on monday, wednesday, friday. saturday is my "free" day...thoough, i'll probably end up doing some more exercises. But i gotta tell you, mixing running with cycling is pretty difficult. both sports use similar muscles and it's tiring as hell trying to do both. i haven't done any running in over a year and i recently did a 15 minute run on a treadmill and i felt two cramps in my inner thighs. the next day, i realized i pulled both my hamstrings and both my calves. last night during my 23 mile ride, i felt a slight cramp as i crested over the top of the hill i live on.

i made a pit stop right by the huge soccer/track field to wipe my glasses. as i was stopped, two cyclists rode past me. one of them stopped and looked like he wanted to talk to me. i looked at him and he said nothing so i said "what's up?" he wanted to know if this is where everyone meets up for the race. im like "oh, is that a race they do here on tuesday nights?" "well, it's not actually a race, they mainly just do 7 laps around this area every tuesday night." "how many people show up?" "about 30." "and they do this even in the winter time when it gets dark early?" "yeah, they do." SWWEEEET! when i get into better physical shape, i will join them. according to the dude, they do a lap in 10 minutes. but it's hard to judge the intensity of it since i don't know the distance. the guy also said that they complete this "race" in 50 mins....which doesn't make any sense at all. if you think about it, each lap is 10 mins and there are seven laps....how can that = 50 minutes to completion. it makes no sense.

When i get into better shape, i may take up swimming as well. that can be my saturday sport! and possibly climbing.

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