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really makes you think

i have a...uh...f...friend who recently got married (we'll just go with that) and he likes to invite me to do things with him and his wife and he knows i HATE hanging out with couples. some ppl are fine with hanging out with couples...im not. i've said it time and time again that im not ok with that. the guy says "don't worry, we're just all hanging out." it's a lie. i don't fall for it anymore. i dont even say maybe about going out with them, it's a straight up NO. but i try to be nice about it like try to make up an excuse for not being able to go. sometimes, if they get persistent, i tell them the reason and then the cycle continues. that's why i lie. lol. no one gets hurt by it. if anything, it's better for everyone. they get to do their PDA and i get to not have to be there to witness such crimes against nature. tada! im a considerate genius!

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